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How to Effectively Manage Business Conflicts When people work together, it doesn’t matter what you are doing, conflict will eventually arise. Things like personal beliefs, management styles, goals, and views of power can all cause conflict. Trust and productivity will decline if conflicts are not managed and resolved quickly. Small businesses will especially be damaged by this. People are eventually going to not agree, so it is up to you to learn about different conflict management strategies in order to minimize the damage. If one side of the conflict wants to keep the peace more than getting what it wants, you can use the accommodating strategy. It can be effective to give one side what it wants in order to keep the peace. It is only a good idea if one side of the conflict sees it as a minor issue. You can see a common use of this strategy in casual Fridays in the workplace. This won’t work all the time, because one side can get resentful because they have to give up what they want.
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You may also want to consider avoidance. This essentially is just avoiding the conflict for as long as possible. Sometimes if you give a problem some time, it will work itself out. An example of this is hiring a productive replacement for a popular but unproductive worker. When people see the difference in productivity, then will likely not be angry anymore. You can try to make everyone happy by collaborating, or integrating ideas from several different people. This will take more time to get going and isn’t going to work on all conflicts. The manager and business owner aren’t going to waste time collaborating on office supplies, but they will work together on enacting policies in the business. Compromising may be able to make the situation acceptable even if not everyone is happy. Compromising happens when both people give up things they want in order to meet on middle ground. If both sides need to reach an agreement soon and hold equal power, this is usually the best strategy. In emergency situations, a competition where one side wins and the other loses can be useful. You don’t want to use this very often because it can cause a rift. This strategy should only be used in no-win situations like pay cuts and layoffs. If you don’t know how to resolve conflicts, you business isn’t going to succeed. Resolving a conflict quickly may mean using different strategies in different situations.

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